Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas List

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I immediately thought of some Wild Olive Tees. I love the graphics, and they have somehow managed to select all of my favorite bible verses to feature. Now I just have to pick which ones to get first.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wake me when it's spring

I had a great blog planned for today, but then I had to go and get a *$^#&%&# flu shot and my head is a little fuzzy and swimming and blechy. So it will have to wait till tomorrow. Today's blog is sponsored by Paranoia, Panic, and Fear. It seems like everyone I talk to has a loved one or roommate or somebody who is very sick. And I think that 6 degrees of flu just somehow makes it seem so much worse than it probably is. I know that there is flu season every year. I know. But that irrational feeling that EVERYONE is getting sick is messing with my head a little. And my stupid pediatricians office won't give Jack a shot till November 9th. Are you kidding me?????? And this is just the plain ole flu shot, no fancy schmancy swine shot. (try saying that 3 times fast) So I will have to be sneaky and clever SuperMom and somehow get one sooner cuz that just ain't right. Sigh. I wil be so happy when this is all over, oh, in about 6 months. Crap.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn in Colorado

In celebration of October, my favorite month, here are some pictures I took last October in Mueller State Park. I'm hoping to make a trip back in the next week to get some more pictures. Love me some Autumn colors!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

May the road rise with you

I am a child of the 80's. Except that during the 80's, besides watching the Greatest American Hero and wearing neon sweatshirts, I really didn't listen to 80's music all that much. I've always been about 20 years behind on things. So during the 80's I was discovering The Beatles and The Monkees (much thanks to MTV for running their show after school). I became OBSESSED with both bands, mostly The Monkees. I even got to go see them in concert when they ran out of money and decided to tour with Herman's Hermits. Ahh, good times. So besides owning a Pet Shop Boys record and getting some cool mix tapes from my friend Michele, I wasn't terribly in tune with 80's music when it was fresh and new. Which is why I find it hilarious that my favorite station to listen to right now is XM 44 - 1st Wave - Classic Alternative. They play basically every 80's song I've ever loved. The Smiths, Depeche Mode, INXS, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, The Clash, U2, The Police, New Order, Yaz, Psychedelic Furs, The Ramones, Talking Heads, Devo, Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, The Cure, Joe Jackson, OMD, Talk Talk, Morrissey, this list is HUGE and they are all AWESOME and listening to it makes me giddy like a little schoolgirl. With no commercials! So that part where I said I was always 20 years behind on things? Yeah, I'm nothing if not consistent.

P.S. Dear MTV,
I hardly recognize you. I remember when you were cool and actually played music videos. Do you remember what the MTV stands for? That's "Music Television." Not "Crappy Reality Show Television." Come back to us MTV. We miss you.
Children of the 80's

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I wish had been brought to my attention YESTERDAY

So I happened to catch some of Nightline tonight. I have not watched it in forever, and was surprised it was even still on the air. I thought the last time Nightline was relevant was when Reagan was in office. But their story on an up and coming website got my attention. Some Google veterans have a new site called Howcast. Sort of like a Wikipedia of how to do anything, in video form. Anyone can upload a video they have created, for consideration, to become part of the site. And there is EVERYTHING you can imagine on it. Much to my chagrin, 3 weeks after painstakingly creating a diaper cake from trial and error, lo and behold there is a video on the front page on diaper cakes. How to handle it if your parents buy you dorky clothes. How to pick out jewelry for a woman. How to make a citizen's arrest. How to turn your backyard into a beer garden. Of course, there are many practical and useful tutorials on this website. But why watch those when you can watch How to build a Starship Enterprise out of a floppy disk.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What the heck is an Etsy?

I realize there are still those out there who have know idea what Etsy is or how to say it. Etsy (rhymes with Betsy) is like an Ebay for handmade items. It is a marketplace for artisans to directly sell their creations to the public for a fraction of the cost of an Ebay auction. And if you are looking for anything unusual and cool, you are sure to find something. Here are just a few of the cool listings that I happen to love.

I have an Allistair's Attic bed and selection of cat toys, and they are all beautifully made and in the coolest fabrics you will ever see.
And Jack loves to lay on the pillow too - not just for pets! Mr. Bitty likes to share.

This dress is so gorgeous and simple. I shall be sending this link to Santa.

The little throw pillows on this site are so sweet. I love the colors and simple graphics.

My plan is to collect one of these to match every possible wardrobe combination. The perfect solution to a bad hair day.

I never thought self fulfilling prophecy would be such a strong selling tool. And apparently I have a thing for cute little birdies.
I need this on my wall very soon.

Now I DO have this hanging on my wall currently. And I absolutely love it

These are an absolute must for anyone with iphones or a severe texting habit. I'm not naming names, I'm just sayin.

Jack absolutely has to have this.

Labradorite is my current favorite of the moment. I love the gray/blue color of the stone. And this little ring has such a great vintage yet modern feel to it. (and from the time I found it till this was posted, it sold :(( sigh)

I could seriously do this all day. You could get lost on this site for hours. Have fun and happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I admit it. This changed my life.

If you ask any woman what are the 2 most painful shopping experiences, they will say 1) swimsuit shopping (shudder) and 2) jeans shopping. I went a few weeks ago for some new jeans with my mom, and I must have tried on a dozen pairs. Nothing makes you feel more like a sausage in casing then trying to squeeze your big booty into some jeans that ain't gonna happen. I'd really love to blame it on the 10 lb 11 oz bundle of gorgeousness that I carried until his due date. But let's get real. The sitting on the couch eating ice cream while watching Food Network has contributed it's fair share. And just watching Food Network alone will make you raid your fridge till you are licking out the remnants of some honey mustard.

Anyhoo, I was LITERALLY on my last trip to the dressing room, for a last ditch effort to find something that was less than hideous. And on my last sweep of Kohl's, I found these Lee jeans with something called a Comfort Waistband. (I just looked inside the waistband and that is exactly how it is written every 6 inches. In italics) If we were being brutally honest, Comfort Waistband is s nice way of saying elastic. Bordering on "mom jeans". (shudders) But I gave them a go. The fact that it is 3:30 in the afternoon and I am wearing them instead of my old navy pajamas pants is a testament to the wonder of these jeans. I mean seriously. I will NEVER go back to anything else. They stretch. They make me look almost skinny. They cuddle my booty instead of looking like I just pooped my pants. (yeah I'm talking to YOU Old Navy Jeans) Which probably means I need to go stock up on about 20 pairs because as soon as I fall in love with something, it get's discontinued. If every woman in America tried on these jeans, they would become believers. And they were even the right length! At 5'5", finding jeans that are not dragging 6" behind me on the floor all while encompassing my lady lumps is pretty much impossible. Did I mention they are under 30 bucks? I should be getting paid for such an endorsement. But I'll settle for more jeans.